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“John has strong qualities you want in a lawyer; he is highly intelligent, well spoken, and compassionate. John is that one exceptional individual who went into law because he genuinely cares and understands how laws and our justice system can be extremely unfair and hard to navigate. The entire time before court, I really felt like John was there to help, and he was someone I can rely on.

Although I knew John was compassionate and kind, I don’t think I knew how good of a lawyer he was until he stood in court. They initially denied our motion to be heard this day, so we had a very slim chance in even getting heard to lift the NCO. He convinced the prosecutor and judge to be heard on a matter they had denied a week ago.

This first day in court with John, I was so impressed and surprised by his professionalism, demeanor, and how well he spoke to the judge and the prosecutor. He was so clear, concise, and all in a very respectful manner; John convinced the judge to lift the NCO in such a calm, nonchalant manner saying everything he needed to say. I don’t think anyone could have done it better, and there was no way we would have been successful this day without John.

John is really compassionate, intelligent, well-spoken, and is extremely people smart. He seems to have been born to be a great lawyer. I wouldn’t give a second thought in hiring him. If you have found this review, you are lucky to have found him. I highly recommend John.”

– C.H.

“My experience with Mr. Boyd was nothing short of amazing. After being falsely charged with a crime, my first priority was finding someone that would represent me with my best interest in mind. I spoke to several lawyers, but none inspired the confidence that Mr. Boyd did. He spoke to me honestly and explained my options and potential outcomes, and from the moment I hired him he was proactive on all matters of my case. He maintained frequent contact and would update me on all changes, and even followed up to ensure I was doing well after my case had been resolved. Though I hope to never find myself in a situation like that again, if I did, I would not hesitate to contact John Boyd for representation.”

– G.R.

“I reached John through the King County Bar referral service and was very pleased with the result. My wife got an unjustified traffic ticket in Seattle while there on a family crisis. John got the ticket dismissed without the need for my wife to appear or testify. That is mighty helpful when you’d have to fly halfway across the country to appear. While dealing with a ticket down here in Texas usually only costs a couple of fresh chickens and some 30 ought 6 rifle rounds, John’s charges were very reasonable anyway. If he had not been successful our insurance rates would have gone up a lot. Thanks John!”

– M.H.

“John was attentive, helpful, and informative. He took care of all of my court issues in an orderly and professional manner. The outcome of my charges could not have come out any better! I would definitely refer/recommend John’s work to anyone in need of advice or help.”

– J.M.

“John listened carefully to the circumstances surrounding our legal issue and handled them in a professional, caring manner. Ultimately, we achieved the resolution we sought and are glad this matter is behind us.”

– R.C.

“We are thrilled you were able to get the reductions you did. It will help immensely. We will be happy to refer you to others.”

– D.K.


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